Payment methods

Payment methods

Pay with vouchers

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Instructions for paying with vouchers

We use vouchers to pay future bills. If you have open invoices, they will be paid normally. You can download a larger amount at a time. You will not be billed until the full amount has been used. The vouchers are returned to the mailbox located on the edge of the front door. Put the vouchers in an envelope containing your contact information.
Remember to sign the vouchers!

The use of “mobile vouchers” is conveniently done through an online service. You choose Gym24Seven from the list and enter the amount you want pay to us.

Send a receipt to You will receive a confirmation message to your email when the transaction is processed. The treatment time is about 2 weeks.

voucers are used to pay for future invoices, if you have open old invoice where you want to use your voucers, send email to us

We recommend signing an e-invoice agreement with your bank. This will help you avoid the € 5 billing surcharge on paper invoicing.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us through our contact form or by emailing